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Hortraco Trading Pty Ltd

Welcome to Hortraco Trading Pty Ltd and Viscon Australia. Together they form a leading company in grower supplies and production technology, with many products and a vast knowhow covering most aspects of the production of flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables.

Products Range

Our complete products range covers a majority of grower specific items that are required to optimize the production of produce. We carefully source our products from overseas to guarantee the best and most advanced product range. We are a flexible organistation and are willing to help growers with any special request or product that falls outside our current product range. Using our contacts and overseas suppliers, (almost) nothing is out of the ordinary.

We supply a large number of growers in Australia from our warehouse in Mt Druitt, a western suburb of Sydney. We deliver in the greater Sydney area ourselves and are using the most competable rates for transport to any other location in Australia.


Viscon Australia is a division of Hortraco Trading and acts as distributor and service agency for Viscon BV the Netherlands. Viscon specialises in automated product and material handling equipment and has its origine in the Dutch horticultural industry. Viscon can design, manufacture and install complete automation lines to achieve an efficient produce handling, processing and packaging process. Viscon Australia is currently further introducing the large range of Viscon products and automated material handling solutions to the Australian market, including non-horticultural industries.